Friday, November 14, 2008

USA Report #1

HI Folks
Well I'm here. After a long and slightly painful journey I arrived in Lexington, KY - it was real late, thanks to a missed connecting flight. So I stopped at a local hotel for the night before heading down the next morning to Berea.
The first day was spent talking. No real surprise, as you know what I'm like. A good few hours (and lunch) was spent with Larry Williams and Don McConnell - It was a great pleasure to chat with two giants of the planemaking world!
Later on Mike Wenzloff and his lovely wife Dina arrived and we set up the benchs ready for the next day.
The evening was spent with Brian Boggs, Michel Auriou and Mike Hancock - Brian said he knew a great place for "fish and chips". So we ended up in a Irish pub - and a great night it turned out to be. TLN, Deneb and crew turned up, John Econmaki and crew and the Pop Wood crew also turned up as the night went by. It was spoiled only bag-pipes. No, don't ask ;)
Today was the first day of the show - the atmosphere was electric! Everyone was beaming and it was such an amazing day. I'm almost hoarse from talking to people so another hour and I'll be off for a cold drink.
Thanks to everyone that called by to say hello - I never knew so many people read this blog :)
'Til tomorrow,


Ethan said...

Ah, Phil, sorry I'm not there to say hi!

I did send word via Bill, one of the members of our local woodworkers guild.

Glad to hear you're having such a great time!

Anonymous said...


Sounds great. Sounds like a brilliant event to be participating in. Hope you're getting plenty of interest in the new planes.

Cheers, Ed