Friday, March 31, 2006

Limbo Squared

We were very close to exchanging and another problem has arisen further down the chain. Packing up has come to a halt, and a glum cloud has descended upon the household. Needless to say, no woodwork has been going on. Can't kick this darn flu, either.
Still, it is the weekend (just) so a relaxing couple of days (and maybe the odd whisky) will be just the ticket.
On the workshop front, I have ordered a new bandsaw today. After much research an Axminster Plus model has been chosen. More on that when it turns up!
Have a good weekend,

Saturday, March 25, 2006


Not a lot has happened in the last week or so-the usual Solicitor shennigans, etc....
I'm beginning to break down the workshop, so as you can imagine not a lot of progress has been made on the curvy table. We were hoping to complete on the 31st but as today is the 25th and we haven't exchanged contracts yet I can't see it happening. So maybe the following Friday (which just happens to be the weekend of the the Yandles woodworking show!!).
To add insult to injury, I've come down with the flu quite heavily. Don't worry-you can't catch it by reading a blog ;)

Friday, March 17, 2006

Curvy Veneering-A Whole New World

I've started making my first project with my new vacuum bag press. It's all new to me but I'm making good progress and learning a lot.
The pressure that the bag put on the work is quite amazing, also it's very evenly distributed. I wouldn't like to try it with cauls and lots of clamps!
The impending house move is on my mind. I heard today that it might be the 31st of this month-Ouch! That not a lot of time for all that packing........ :0

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Another one in the bag. Well, box.

The saw till is complete! Yup, finally got the till finished. Two coats of oil and a coat of wax and voila. More pics to follow. Had a real problem finding quality brass hardware. The Brusso stuff is great but priced for lottery winners. The stuff available from DIY stores is appalling. Got me thinking about making my own for the future.......
Spent today making up a former for my first curbed/veneered piece. 16 pieces of mdf, cut roughly to size and then routed to a perfect match, nailed together and sanded smooth. not a lot of fun :(
But know let the curvy stuff begin! I had an outlandish idea of making up some presents for Mothers day. It could happen ;) Not!
Any shortcuts for making formers or is it hard work and repetition?

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Two Fat Ladies

Nearly done! Just need to fit the hinges and get oiling.
Made up some trim using my #66-the first time I've really used in anger. Came out really well and surprised myself with how classy it looked compared to the "easy option" of using the tailed router. Maybe there's hope for me yet? ;)
I've also been doing some more veneer style experiments. My next project will be a curvy one.....
And where's those tempting photo's, Mike?? I keep running to the computer to check for evidence........Just kidding-take as long as you need.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Not quite a Dozen

Good progress is being made on the saw till. Finished fitting it out for the saws yesterday-managed to get 11 saws in there comfortably. And still be able to lift it ;)
Also been playing with my new Airpress. Very interesting-I am amazed by the amount of pressure the bag is put under! It also makes some scary cracking noises as it comforms to the workpiece. I'll let you know how I get on.