Monday, October 31, 2005

A Week Excuse

Ouch! A whole week has gone by without a blog update. Sorry.......
Been having a lot of fun in the workshop though. Have finished the mortises, tenons cut and fitted on the side rails, top glued up and planed flat and the tenons cut on the front and back rails. The Lacewood for the panels has been ripped down on the band saw, thicknessed and is awaiting jointing and gluing up into panels. Yup, been a busy boy-and enjoying every minute. Sure is nice to be doing something you're familiar with.
Thought I would just have enough cherry to complete this project. In reality this was not quite so.....A visit to yandles yesterday has righted that though with two beautiful, clear boards of American cherry. Had to sort through 30 boards to find sap and mineral stain free boards, though.
I am amazed how much progress you can make when you are familiar with the techniques and have the correct (sharp) tools. Also, "friendly" timbers that don't tearout when you try to work them make the process even more pleasurable!
I'll post some w-i-p pics tomorrow.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

It's Like This....

Well it's been a good weekend!
Spent some quality time with the family, painted the garage doors (yawn!) and spent a lot of time musing over construction details for the new cabinet. An hour on Sketchup has got the design 95% of the way there. Have a look....
There are still some details to finalise but at least I can start breaking down the timber into smaller pieces and making some shavings! Obviously I will keep you informed.....
I'm loving the cherry-such a nice timber to work. The pile of shavings on the floor is quite impressive. Also enjoy the "rose" smell when cutting it down on the table saw. Yum!
I even spent an hour this evening sharpening-man and tools in perfect harmony. I do enjoy using 'dem planes ;)

Friday, October 21, 2005

Off We Go Again

Hoorah! I started a new project-and it doesn't involve sanding........;)
Seriously though, it's nice to be making something planable again. I missed using the ol' handplanes.
New project is a drinks cabinet in cherry and lacewood. I'll post some pictures soon.
Started breaking down the cherry today, been hoarding it for a couple of years. A nice timber to work, it really shines when you swipe the plane over it. Yum!
Missus is really happy. I quote....
"Where we gonna put another cabinet!!"
Heh-where indeed!

Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Right-first things first. Here's the link for photo's of the completed chair.
Hope you like......
Got the photographers from Good Woodworking coming by this morning to photograph it for a future issue (hopefully). Spent last night dusting the workshop-yes, I am sad!
I am in the "between-projects-limbo" at the moment. Nice but frustrating at the same time. What next, what next.........
Sure is nice not to be sanding, though ;)

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Yeah, I'm Done!

Right-that's it! I have reached the end. The wax has been applied and buffed, felt feet attached to the bottom of the legs and the chair brought into the house. It is Official! I have completed the Maloof style chair!
What's that?? Pictures of the finished item?? Ahh......
Having been caught out with the "mattress" incident the final photo's are going to have a little more time spent on them. So you'll have to wait 'til the weekend. Sadly work has me running around the country this week, so no chance.
Nice not to be sanding.......;)

Monday, October 10, 2005

I Think I'm Done

Well, another week of sanding, tweaking and a little bit more sanding. I must say that I will be glad never to see a bit of sandpaper again. With the temperature droppping slowly as the fierce Dorset Winter approaches the oil is taking too long to go off. So out comes my other fave finish, Shellac. I've applied a goodly few coats over the oil and it really is looking good. I keep finding small scratches and blemishes though. Every time I think "done" I see another one. Grrr.....
This is the week, though. Honest..........;)

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Enter Sandman

I hate sanding.......
Yes, I really mean it. I am so sick of sanding this chair. Spent two hours working on some areas that needed work. Stand back and take a look-yup, another 10 hours to go, by the looks of it. This piece needs so much detail work. Now I remember why I like using hand planes......
On the up side, I do like the chair. It looks really good (IMHO)and that is only down to the hours put in. Really looking forward to saying "It's finished" though!