Monday, January 08, 2024

Well Hello! It's 2024

 A Happy New Year to you all! Been a while since I blogged so thought a little update was in order. I'm still a planemaker, spending my days in the workshop making plane after plane. I started this on a professional basis back in 2007 and somehow I'm still bashing away. My thanks to you all for keeping me busy, you have my gratitude!

So let's share some planes from 2023 that were slightly out of the ordinary. Starting with a Panel Raising Plane. But hold's left handed! Can't beat a plane with a skewed mortise, offset to one side with a profiled sole to make the brain ache. Then make it lefthanded - yes, I really had to triple check every single move while making this one but it was worth it and the customer was very pleased.

The second picture shows it next to a vintage right hander for comparison.

More planes coming shortly,