Friday, November 23, 2007

Tool of the Month

One tool that has had a lot of use is my Lie-Nielsen one inch chisel. I've had a set of L-N chisels for a few years and like them a lot. But the largest was 3/4 inch wide - when they released a 1inch model an order was placed immediately!
When it turned up I was quite surprised by the difference in build compared to my existing set - it was huge! Massive, in fact. It seemed strange that there should be such a jump in weight but, I was impressed. Such a flawlessly made tool - I ordered the Cocobolo handle, too :)
Over the months I seem to reach for this chisel more and more. The weight gives it real authority when cutting and I tend to use it on jobs when a smaller chisel might be more useful. I just love it.

Other stuff - my review of the Veritas plough plane is a little delayed due to plane making deadlines. Hopefully I'll get it posted on the weekend.


Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Exciting News....

Hi Folks
Just heard about an exciting hand tool event planned for next Summer.
The venue is West Dean College in Sussex, which looks like a wonderful venue. Confirmed guests so far are Garrett Hack (of "The Handplane Book" fame) and chair maker extraordinaire Brian Boggs - I'm told there will be many more high profile woodworking stars attending, too. As soon as these are confirmed I'll post an update.
The dates are 31st of May and 1st of June 2008 and the event is being sponsored by Classic Hand Tools.

More info when I get get it,

Monday, November 19, 2007

And more Plough....

Hi Folks
Been spending a little time playing with the new Veritas plough. I'll do a full review soon but thought you might like to hear my first impressions.
When I saw the first photo's on the web of this tool I wasn't too impressed. Veritas are well known for making tools that perform with excellence, but with "looks" a little further down the list of priorities. But in the flesh the plane is prettier, and the sheer high quality of its engineering is impressive.
The main difference between this and a classic metal plough is the method of locking the fence - instead of thumbscrews to lock it down this one has a collet system (rather like the chuck on a drill) that securely grips the fence rods. The precision of this method is impressive - it also keeps the fence parallel to the body. An excellent idea, and well implemented.
I'll come back to the plough later in the week - stay tuned!

Been making a smoother out of some Greenheart - my first time using this timber. It is very dense (I believe it sinks in water!!) and is going to make an excellent plane. Pictures on the way!

Have a good week,

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Ploughing On

Been pretty busy making planes this week (I know - no surprise!) Made a few shoulder planes (see picture above) with brass soles - can't beat that brass/wood combo for good looks!

Had a delivery from Brimarc too - the new Veritas Plough Plane. Had a quick play with it - a review will be forthcoming. Thought I should get the rest of the ploughs out for comparison - prepare yourselves for a "Plough-fest".

A trip to Yandles yielded some nice 3 inch beech - mostly quartered, too! Had to search though many, many planks to find it but it was worth it. They had lots of Pau Rosa too, which I fancied - sadly it was full of shakes, sap and termite. Maybe next time......;)
I've uncovered the address of another timber yard fairly local to me - if it turns out to be any good I'll let you know the details.
Have a good weeks,

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Hail The King!

Had a small gathering at Martin Kings workshop, deep in darkest Dorset. For those who don't know Martin let me just say this - You may think you have a few more tools than you need. Martin will make your workshop look naked ;)
Also present were Waka and Rob "Woodbloke" to round out the morning. Rob was bringing his "Supershiny"tm Record T5 that you may have seen on UK Workshop? And very shiny it was too! Nice one, Rob.
We spent some time opening boxes of tools, delving through humongous amounts of everything, the fruits of Martins busy car boot sale and Auction hunting. And there was pretty much anything you could imagine - my favourite was a beautiful sweetheart #2 Stanley -nice!
Martin's long-suffering tool widow kindly supplied bacon sarnies and plenty of tea's -thanks again!
I came away with a piece of Greenheart from Martins timber stash - keep your eyes peeled for a plane of said timber coming soon.

Friday, November 02, 2007

You Can Never Have Too Many.....

Hi Folks
As a woodworker I tend to accumulate stuff. You know - tools, timber, tools. The odd scar ;)
And sometimes I get a little guilty and worry that the "Collector Police" might be getting ready to make a visit. So I take stock and see if there's anything that, maybe, I could get rid of. Thin things down a little and shove on Ebay.
But I never do. And I'm glad I don't, because every now and again those duplicate tools are exactly what you need for a job.
Remember the Scraper Chisels I mentioned a few blogs ago? I have 1/4 and 3/4 sizes. And they have been so useful. But yesterday I needed a 1/8 wide version - what could I do?? Ahh...get one of my spare 1/8 chisels (I have three) and grind away. Problem solved, work can continue and I don't have to go buy another tool.
And my conscience is soothed for another day. Reminds me of something a certain person says - "Not a collector - just a woodworker with a wide choice of tools"
Now, about those multiple #5's..............;)

Timber is a somewhat important item - without it woodwork just seems to be lacking something ;) And my stocks are getting low- I can actually see an area of floor in the workshop. So a trip to Yandles is called for - anyone going to the open days next week?