Thursday, November 30, 2006


Hi Folks
Apologies for the absence-I'll save the lame excuses for another day ;)
So, first things first. I've solved my long running FTP problem with my website. Now updated and with (at last!!) the step-by-step pics for the tool chest. Remember that?? Pop on over to Philsville
for a look.
The bathroom saga is almost over. It has taken a month of my time, a major project. But it is looking good, so worth it. The cabinet is the final item and I am applying a finish as we speak. Kinda ;)
What else, you ask?
Metal. Yup, I have been influenced by the Dark Side and have invested in a metalwork lathe. And very interesting that has been too! So a fair bit of my spare time (and that hasn't been much!) has been spent learning my about my new toy.
Now I know what you are going to say-"He'll be making planes next". Yes, ahh, yes. Well the thumb plane is sat there looking at me with "that" look. I will be getting on with it real soon. Honest!
And I kid you not, I even started work on the "vintage" project, the "Shop Stool" yesterday! Do you remember the stool? It was my first project in my new workshop. And I got stumped over the steam bending, laminating hoop thing. Well, I'm going to finish it. If it kills me!!!!
As we move ever closer to the Xmas holidays and the end of another year I need to get myself back on track. Ready for a new year of making some cool projects.
And maybe buying the odd tool ;)
Be good

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

A Little Bit....

Got a couple of hours 'shop time last night. The Missus has decided that the bathroom cabinet is two inches too wide (even though I mocked up the cabinet from ply and she was very pleased with the dimensions before........) so as I haven't actually glued the cabinet together yet I thought it a good time to chop certain components down a bit. With that sorted I then went to do some ripping on the bandsaw.....
Now the power lead on my bandsaw is pretty short, about five foot long. One of my "to-do" items had been to replace it with a suitably longer cable. Also the saw has an electric brake on the motor to bring the blade to a standstill quickly. I've been meaning to adjust the "brake-time" to a slightly quicker one since I've had the thing so last night was "The Time"!!!
Quite an eye-opener stripping down expensive machinery. I was rather scared of messing up but the more I dissembled the more I enjoyed it. The saw now has huge amounts of suitable cable allowing me to move it to the other side of the shop if so desired. And the brake now stops the machine a couple of seconds earlier (althoug it still makes that annoying noise!!!)
You certainly can't beat doing some 'Shop Maintenance. You feel so much better after ,although I didn't get much actual work done;)

Monday, November 20, 2006

And More Work....

Hi Folks
Another week goes by.....
The bathroom is coming along well, the only tasks remaining are the flooring and the toilet/basin to install. Then the various finishing off bits....... I also managed to install an outside tap and power point so I can wash the cars down with the pressure cleaner without running a hose and power from right around the back of the house.
Woodwork has been slowish :( I have made a little progress on the bathroom cabinet (and yes that curly maple looks fantastic!) but the thumb plane has been sat there. I will make progress this week, honest! I did manage to veneer up some panels for the bathroom cabinet, though. I do like using the vacuum bag-simple and it works!
Other news-I have purchased a small metal lathe. Axminster supplied one of theirs and it is a beauty. Quite surprised by how easy it is to use, pics once I've actually made something ;)
Have a good week,

Friday, November 10, 2006

Work, Work, Work.

I've been a bit of a busy boy these last weeks, sadly not on the woodworking side of things:(
But I've still managed to do a little. First, the plane. Finished milling the bed and opened the mouth slightly. A little file work to sort out the curved surfaces and it looks good. Next job is to sweat on a steel sole.
The bathroom re-build is coming along. The walls have been plastered and painted and tiles purchased ready to be fitted. That looks like tomorrows job.......
I've also started making a cabinet for the bathroom. We have bought a "sit-on" handwash basin and the Boss has seen a design she likes in a magazine. Enter Philly, stage left. Maple is the timber of choice (I just happen to have a large pile of it in the 'shop) so last weekend saw the rumble of the thicknesser as I machined the roughsawn baords into something a little flatter. Found some beautiful curly/quilted boards amongst them so have to choose carefully where I use them.
Axminster Tools are holding a tool demo day this weekend but sadly I have been denied access by SWMBO. "Worried I might buy something" was the reason given ;)
Be good

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Hi Folks
Had a parcel arrive recently with some goodies. They are gunmetal plane castings. I bought a thumb plane, mitre plane and coffin smoother (Norris style). So you can tell what I've been doing.......
I've started work on the thumb plane to get me "into" it. The mill machine has seen some serious work and things are coming along well.
I'll post more pics as the plane progresses.
Cheers, Phil