Sunday, November 09, 2008

He's Got Sole.........

Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhh.........! Only two more days left before I hit the road. Where does the time go???
Been putting the final polish on my new prototype brass soled smoother. What do you think? Made from Indonesian Rosewood and lots of brass, with a 4mm thick 40mm wide iron, she works excellently. And of course, the "Philly Patent Dovetailed Sole". The sheer weight of the thing means you only have to push it - it holds itself on the work by itself. Need to get the thing on the scales and check out its weight - I'm pretty sure it matches an infill for heft.
I still have some finishing touches to put on the skew miter and tomorrow should see me close to complete. I then have Tuesday to panic and start running around like a headless chicken.
Back to the workshop....


Anonymous said...

If I could do a tight fitting dove tail joint like that in wood.

Good luck in in the U.S.A. and enjoyo.


Anonymous said...

That smoother looks lovely, Phil. Bet it works well.

Have a good trip - I look forward to seeing the pictures.

Cheers ;-)

Paul Chapman

Anonymous said...

Improved weight related performance and an enhanced degree of climate/flatness control I should think.


DaveL said...

Well the time spent on the new mill is showing good results. Brass and rose wood, just made to go together.
I think you may need to provide bibs at you stand to stop all the shirts getting wet.

Philly said...

Thanks for your positive comments, Gents!
Dave - bibs! Good idea ;)