Monday, February 22, 2010

Latest Planes And News......

Hi Folks
Been a crazy month here at the workshop - planes left, right and centre. The "Moving Fillister" has been real popular as has the new "Chamfer Plane". I've also just shipped another Classic Smoother is Blackwood, an amazing piece of timber.

I'm currently making pairs of Hollow and Round moulding planes and I've slipped a pair in for myself from some slightly spalted beech that I've been hoarding away. Pics soon! Another plane that is slowly coming together is my much anticipated Plough plane - I've been slowly working on the prototype and it's looking good.

The band has been busy too - we played in Dublin this weekend (a fantastic place!), Rotherham and Leeds last weekend and Doncaster and Basingstoke next weekend. So a busy time for The Lambrettas, but so much fun.

Appearing rapidly over the horizon is the Get-Woodworking Live show at Alexandra Palace on the 12th-14th of March. I'll be giving a masterclass on wooden planes - their history and use, how to set-up and maintain them, and some useful hints and tips to get the most out of your tools. Hope to see you there,