Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Show Breakdown

Hi Folks
I'm back down to earth (and back in the workshop!) after a very enjoyable few days at the European Woodworking Show. It just gets better every year - a varied and interesting mix of woodworking being demonstrated or on display of every possible kind, a wide choice of food and beverages for when you need a break and a fantastic venue to explore (the historic barns are just amazing!)

It was great to meet so many interested Folk over the weekend - I talked non-stop over the whole weekend leaving me hoarse but happy. Getting feedback from customers new and old as well as chatting to Folks who stopped by the bench really helps re-assure me that I am taking my work in the right direction and that is appreciated - as I work alone it is easy sometimes to doubt yourself.
The big bonus for me is meeting up with old friends and spending the evenings having a beer or two at the local pub - spending quality time with the likes of David Charlesworth, Chris Schwarz, John Hoffman, Deneb Puchalski, Richard Maguire and many others really makes the weekend something special.

So - back to the bench. I've got some interesting planes on the go which I'll share with you shortly as well as trying to find some time to complete the Plough Plane prototype. More soon!