Thursday, January 26, 2012

New Model #1 - Rebate Plane

Hi Folks

Introducing new model #1 - The Rebate Plane

This plane is one that we get asked for a lot so it's about time it made its way onto our list of standard production planes. Perfect for making rebates, trimming shoulders and all of those tasks where you need to get "right into the corner".

We are using a 55 degree pitch with a 4mm thick iron for good performance on a wide range of timbers. The iron is square not skewed as in some planes - this makes the plane much easier to use AND sharpen. To begin we are offering this plane in 1 inch and 1 1/4 inch widths - the price is £140 for either.

The plane will be on the website shortly. In the meantime feel free to contact me directly for more information.


Monday, January 23, 2012

New Stuff.......

Hi Folks

Got some exciting things cooking in the workshop at the moment. To get things started here's a photo of a "Philly Shave" I just completed in English Yew. I've not used Yew before and it was joy to use, revealing a lovely pattern to its growth rings as I shaped it. And a coat of oil really brought out the strong ornage colour of the wood - beautiful!

Email - I am finally giving up on Outlook and moving over to Googlemail. After yet another PC crash that has corrupted my email folders I am now using as my main email address - please could you update your address books.

Facebook - yes, Philly Planes has finally got a Facebook page of its own. Please feel free to drop by and leave a comment - I shall endeavour to add lots of photo's and titbits that don't make it to the blog. The address is :

Finally, we have three new models to release. These will be up on the website (and premiered here first!) over the next week. Stay tuned - it's going to be a great 2012!!