Thursday, March 18, 2010

Spring Is In The Air

Hi Folks
Last weekend I was at the GetWoodworking Live show at Alexandra Palace - I gave a presentation each day on using and restoring wooden planes. It was an enjoyable show, although a little nerve-wracking giving the presentation!
Plenty of handsome planes have been making their way out of the workshop - a Coffin Smoother in Santos Rosewood, lots of Chamfer Planes and plenty of Mini Panel Raisers. The Plough plane is coming along nicely and I should have some photo's soon to share.
I've also been making quite a few custom plane irons lately - as I make the irons for my planes myself I am quite happy to make custom irons for any project you may be planning. I'll also be introducing a small range of plane irons in the near future - more details soon. Drop me an email if you're like to find out more.

With Spring approaching I've been getting the workshop re-arrange itch - I spent a couple hours today clearing out off-cuts of timber, cleaning up sawdust and various little tasks this afternoon. And I've had some interesting ideas for modifications to my bench - pics soon!