Sunday, November 16, 2008

USA #2

Howdy Folks
Day two is over - and what an amazing day it was! Everyone is walking around wearing huge grins, woodworkers in heaven. The day started extra early, 7-o-clock, as the attendees asked for extra time. I managed to get a good walk around and get a chat with pretty much everyone. The list of woodworking superstars was huge and the willingness of everyone to stop and share was quite amazing - there really was a huge buzz of excitement in the air.
I had a quick lunch (with Mike Dunbar, Adam Cherubini, Louis from Pop Wood and Ron Hock - see, told you the list was long) then helped out on the sharpening class with Deneb (from Lie-Nelsen) and Ron Hock.
Back to the show for more plane action and finally the day was over. There was a final dinner in the evening which everyone attended and we heard from Tom Lie-Nielsen, Robin Lee, the Pop Wood crew and finally, Roy Underhill. Roys empassioned speech was quite hilarious - I do hope someone videod it, as it was brilliant!
Today sees the marketplace closed, so I am helping out on the Hand Planing class this morning.
Then we have to head back to the airport for the long trip home.
Boy, it has been an amazing experience. Once my head stops spinning I'll post more photo's.


DaveL said...

Glad you have enjoyed yourself. I hope you have a few more orders in the book and there will be more to follow.

Roy Underhill looks quite a character, even up close, my Dad wears a cap like that but gets told to take it off indoors!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like it's been great, Phil. I look forward to seeing lots more pictures when you get back.

Cheers ;-)

Paul Chapman

Anonymous said...

Phil great stuff! How much will it be to talk to you now?


Anonymous said...

It was an absolute pleasure to make your acquaintance sir! I trust we will converse again in the near future...something about a panel raising plane?...or some such folly!

I trust from your entries here that you had a most wonderful time...but surely, you must be happy to be back in the land of mushy peas!

...and yes, you are situated far enough south that you could almost be considered...dare I say...French!?! Consider yourself adopted. If you're ever in Toronto, give me a ring!