Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Turning Japanese...

HI Folks
I find Japanese tools (and Japanese woodworking) to be quite exciting - they are familiar and yet completely different at the same time! The subtle differences in the way they are made and the way they are used reveals a parallel history to the way Western tools and methods were created, yet from a freshly different viewpoint.
Japanese planes are a case in point - they have a stock, cutting iron and wedge. Yet you would never mistake a Japanese plane for a Western one even though on paper they are identical. I have watched Japanese woodworkers demonstrating at shows and it is thrilling to watch such skilled workers. But the differences in approach is what interests me most.
I will be at the Yandles Woodworking show with Classic Hand Tools next month on the 13th and 14th - also attending is Michael Huntley who has a special interest in Japanese tools. I aim to pick his brains a little more on planes as I have just made my first Japanese style smoother.
As this is my first attempt at this style of plane I was rather pleased with how well it works. I just need some more in-depth detail of the throat geometry and I may offer a small range of Japanese style planes if there is interest. Drop me a line if you have any thoughts on this.

Thursday, March 15, 2012


HI Folks

Recently I've been making lots of "pairs" of planes. First up, chamfer planes. One in Beech and the other in Goncalo, giving a nice contrast.

Next are Mini Panel Raisers. I offer these in left hand as well as right hand versions, so you can have a matched pair if you desire. We are "lefty-friendly" here at Philly Planes - no extra charge for a left handed plane!

Back to the bench - just finishing off a special Coffin Smoother in Box!


P.s. - recently I've been using my mobile phone camera to take pics. Can you guess which ones are phone pics and which ones are taken with a normal camera?? Yes, thought so :)