Thursday, July 24, 2008


HI Folks
Was pleased to turn on the computer this morning and find this review......
Glad you liked the plane, Chris!
I better get back in the workshop, then :)

Monday, July 21, 2008

Finally - The Philly Shave

Hi Folks
At last I can reveal the final version of my recent spoke shave journey. The obviously named, "Philly Shave".
This one is winging its way to the first customer and is made from some lovely Indonesian Rosewood. Complete with brass wear strip and locking knobs it looks quite special. The cutter can be adjusted from the top to set the depth of cut and then locked off with the brass knobs - a good system. Finish is a coat of boiled linseed oil followed by many coats of shellac - a finish which really shows off the Rosewood to its best.
There are more details on my website, here.

Cupcake the Kitten is settling in nicely at home. She's not old enough to go outside yet but is making herself quite comfortable around the house. A favourite trick is jumping on the keyboard whilst you are typing (so apologies if the spellllllingggggg iiiiis baaadd) but it's good to see how naturally she has fitted into life here. Our last cat lasted was well into her twenties - you forget just how much energy kittens have!
Anyway - have to go. Someone wants to play with her favourite mouse........ ;)

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Brass Knobs

HI Folks
There was a recent thread on the UK Workshop Forum about obtaining knurled brass knobs for tool making projects (or just to upgrade tools with horrible plastic knobs). I was surprised to find that they are not commercially available - even after a long Google session.
So I have decided to step up and offer my own range of knurled brass knobs - there is more information here....
To start with I am offering four standard sizes - these sizes have been decided upon after measuring the knobs on most of my planes. Obviously if you have a specific size or shape in mind just drop me an email.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Top Cat

HI Folks
There's a new recruit on the block. Welcome, please, my new "Shop Cat".
She's called "Cupcake" and she's 10 weeks old. Obviously she has a lot of Health and Safety stuff to learn but hopefully she will become a regular helper in the workshop.
If only to chase spiders ;)

Saturday, July 05, 2008

A Little Twist..

Hi Folks
I've been playing with rebate/shoulder plane designs a lot lately. These tools are pretty straightforward in their design brief and it's difficult to come up with a "new" idea.
One weak area (in my opinion) of wooden rebate planes is the wedge - the wedge mortise doesn't give a huge amount of surface area, and is far away from, the cutting edge. I'm not a big fan of back irons so wanted to try some other method of providing support at the sharp end.
So I modified a rebate plane I was making in the traditional style (a monster inch and a half wide one!) with a screw cap. And it works very nicely - the metalwork adds additional helpful weight to the plane as a bonus!
I have a few changes to make and I'll move on to MK II soon.
Stay tuned...

Thursday, July 03, 2008

More Shaves and Sad News...

So I think I've finally cracked the spokeshaves........
Took a bunch of them round a friends house so they could have a play with them and I could get some feedback. There was a definite winner, so I've taken that on board. And I've made a new shave, this time from Walnut. It feels good and performs sweetly - so don't be surprised to see them appear on soon.....;)

Sad news - comedian George Carlin recently passed away. George was a huge favourite of mine - many an hour has been passed driving with George gently ranting away in the background. Yes, he was funny, opinionated, rude and had a never ending pile of lists of things that "pissed him off". But underneath that, you knew he was really just reminding us how we are all the same.
I'll miss you, George