Wednesday, November 05, 2008

And Another..

Hi Folks
Built a second, larger, version of my new shoulder plane. This one is 25mm wide and is in Pau Rosa, a favourite timber of mine. I scaled the dimensions up a little and I'm pretty pleased with the way the two planes have come out. Look forward to giving them some serious use.

Another plane on the bench at the moment is this...........

A Skew Miter plane in African Blackwood. I have to tell you - Blackwood has now moved into my Top 5 Timbers. An amazing wood - very, very heavy, and planes like marble. Plane irons last only a few shacings before the edge begins to break down, but boy, is it worth it. The timber looks amazing! I'll make the iron and wedge and get some more photo's.

Back to the workshop....



Anonymous said...

African Blackwood, great choice on the 'fit for purpose front' should last several lifetimes. Hope it's from an ethical source though.


Anonymous said...

Very Nice! Nice blend of trad and contemporary.
Speak soon Mike.

Ethan said...

Phil, I'm afraid you're soon going to start having trouble out-doing yourself!

Anonymous said...

Philly - damn it - you finally tempted me, I have a clifton 3110 shoulder plane and to say it's pants would be a mis undertstatement, I've wasted countelss hours of trying to fettle it to be good, but to no avail.
Quote me for a 25mm shoulder plane, I think the more forward design of the 2 with the darker wood.

Let me know the damage etc and we'll see if postman pat get's it right this time.

Also Ive been meaning to email you for a while with a challenge, make a large router plane with a screwed micro adjuster, and I'll buy the first one.

Loking forward to planing shoulders Philly style



Anonymous said...

Hi Phil.

Is it preferable to make the wooden wedge out of a softer timber than the wedge abutments.

regards swagman.

Anonymous said...

Hey Philly any news on my shoulder plane,

I may have changed my mind from a 25mm to a 19, but if you've already started don't worry.
let me know