Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Working Wood Vol 3

Hi Folks
Something I've been involved with over the last year or so is the latest volume of "Working Wood" by Artisan  Media. I bumped into Dave and Simon at the last "European Woodworking Show" and I obviously made the right impression on them. I've been involved with the chapters on wooden planes, it being my area of expertise, and as a general sounding board - it's been a real pleasure to have been a part of things in a small way.

Now I've finally got a copy of the book in my hands I'm extremely impressed with it - the photography is quite wonderful and the book is laid out gloriously. And Simon has done a wonderful job of putting over so much information in such an accessible way - the book is truly impressive!
This volume covers the workshop and the more advanced hand tools and jigs, as well as how to sharpen and maintain these. There is a huge amount of tricks and tips and the beautiful photography clearly compliments the text. Needless to say, I highly recommend this book!
As a final treat I was asked to write the foreword - there's even one or two photo's of me strategically placed throughout the book. You have been warned ;)
Available direct and from Classic Hand Tools in the UK.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Rosewood Delight

Hi Folks
Had some interesting planes on the bench these last few weeks - first up, a Toted Smoother in Rosewood. The Rosewood really sets this plane off!

Other news - the Superior Marking Gauges have been a great success! All the early runs have gone and the introductory offer is now over - regular price is £89.99. We have just completed the next production run and have gauges ready to ship!

 More news soon....