Sunday, January 30, 2011

Left Hooker

Hi Folks
I often get asked to make small customisations to planes when customers are placing an order. One I occasionally get is "can you make it left handed?", and the answer is "Yes!". As I make each plane one at a time its not exactly a problem to make these changes, although making a left handed plane does involve me being extra vigilent - it's way too easy to make cuts on the wrong side or wrong direction. Each operation has to be checked and double checked to make sure its properly oriented, especially on a skewed iron plane like this Fillister. It's also quite funny watching me test drive a left handed plane (although I am becoming slowly ambidextrous)
So here we have a perfect example of a custom order. A Moving Fillister plane, but made from Rosewood. And left handed, off course!



Monday, January 17, 2011

And Then...

Hi Folks
Here's another couple of planes for your enjoyment. First up a Moulding plane.
This one was a commission for a furniture maker who was asked to make a piece for a customer with a 20mm radius on the edges - I was happy to make a 20mm radius Moulding plane for him to do this, making for a happy customer.

Next is a Coffin Smoother in Beech - I'm really pleased with the shape and proportions of my smoother. It's very comfortable in the hand and allows you to grip it in many different ways, something that isn't possible with planes that have handles. And the traditional choice of Beech makes for a handsome plane!

On the bench is something in Rosewood. Pics soon!



P.s. - The title refers to a scene from one of my favourite films, "Dude, Where's My Car". Chinese takeout anyone?

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

First Out The Door..

HI Folks
The first planes of the year are on their way - a Miter Plane and a Panel Raiser.

The Miter Plane was one of my first models, and I've subtly tweaked its styling over the years. It's a low angle plane with its iron seated bevel down at 38 degrees. This is 7 degrees lower than a standard bench plane and makes a significant difference when planing end grain, a job this plane was designed for. Its big sides have a large footprint when using it on the shooting board, making it very stable. And the monster 6mm thick iron adds some real heft to the plane!

The Panel Raiser is a very tricky plane to make due to its skewed iron and profiled sole. I've made a few over the years and always look forward to the task - it makes for a very special plane. And to make your own raised panels without the danger of spindle moulders or large router bits flying about makes a lot of sense

Back to the bench.....


Thursday, January 06, 2011

New Year

Hi Folks
A Happy New Year to you all! Can't believe I've been so behind with my blog - needless to say my resolution is to remedy that! 2010 was a very busy year for me, even though the world seemed to have closed down with financial shock. Hopefully we are on the road to recovery and 2011 will be a much more positive year.

So - to begin the year a video interview with your truly. Many thanks to Tom Sustins from "The Wood Haven" forum for coming down to see me at the workshop and taping this interview. There is also a 'shop tour and some helpful tips and hints which will be coming up soon in additional clips. It's well worth taking a look at the Wood Haven forum - a very welcoming place and a hive of shared knowledge.

I have some new plane models in the pipeline and these will be introduced in the coming weeks - more news soon!