Tuesday, November 10, 2015


Hi Folks

I thought a little update to this blog would be useful, the last one being in June. Please don't read that to mean I'm not doing much - in fact, it's the opposite! Things here at Philly Planes have been growing year by year and now, nine years in on my planemaking things are as busy as I could ever have asked for! Orders keep coming in, from customers new and old and I feel honoured to be able to get in the workshop each day and do what I enjoy - making wooden planes!

I've got a couple of new models in the pipeline, although the release date of these depends on how much I can accomplish in my spare time. I've also added a couple of extra sizes to the Side Beads, making that four sizes available now.

This Blog - I find it difficult to sit and write useful content at the end of the day (due to brain fatigue) and have found myself swayed by the ease and immediacy of Instagram and Facebook. Instagram means I can share photo's of what's happening on my bench day by day  - I thoroughly recommend installing this on your phone. There is a huge woodworking community on there and it's simple to get started.

I've made some small updates to the Phillyplanes website - if anyone finds any obvious issues I would appreciate if you could let me know.

2015 has been a great year and I've been able to make a trip to the USA to meet many of my woodworking friends and customers. Woodworking shows are a great opportunity for me to meet customers in the flesh and I hope to get to more shows far and wide in 2016.

Time to get back to the workbench,