Friday, October 24, 2014

Superior Marking Gauge

Hi Folks
A project I've been working on over the last couple of years has been a traditional marking gauge, one that incorporates all the details that I like in a gauge. I've made numerous prototypes and have dragged them round the woodwork shows and shown them to many people for feedback. I'm pleased to say that I am finally completely happy with the design (and manufacturing!) and can finally reveal the beasty in all its true glory - the Superior Marking Gauge!

The initial batch has been made from my stash of Rosewood - combined with brass and steel it looks timeless and glorious and hits all the woodworking "ooh" spots. It has a few tricks up its sleeve. It comes with a pin for everyday marking out, the wide face of the gauge giving plenty of bearing surface to work against. I also like a knife or cutting gauge when working across the grain and when working with veneered pieces so you can swap the pin out for the supplied knife. And finally, a pencil gauge is great for when you want a legible mark without actually damaging the surface - swap ends on the shaft of the gauge and it becomes a pencil gauge.

One other detail that has annoyed me on other gauges I own and have tried is the locking mechanism. You want to be able to lock the gauge off firmly but also to be able to adjust it easily and accurately. My patent pending mechanism makes this a pleasure to do and there is no separate "foot" to loose if you dissemble the gauge.

The gauge is priced at £89.99 plus shipping - drop me an email at to place an order.