Wednesday, June 21, 2006

A New Window

Fitted the new window today! And Boy, does it really change the feel of the place. Fitting was straightforward, helped by me ordering the correct size window. Makes all the difference, you know...... ;)
Need to make up some suitable trim to go around it. Just trying to decide on the timber.
Also received a 4000 grit waterstone today. Really helps to remove the wire edge when sharpening. I use 800, 6000 and 10,000 and found the jump from 800 to 6000 left the wire edge a little too tenacious. Well worth £12 if you have this problem too.
Off to Exeter for a week on Saturday so I'm trying to get my work responsibilities sorted so I can have a worry free week. Now, where are the tool shops in Exeter again?

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Fathers Day

Hi Folks.
A pleasant (but busy-again!!) day. Popped out to a car boot sale first thing. Got lucky with some saws again. Four for the princely sum of £6.50.
First up-a Spear and Jackson dovetail saw. Bit of a mess but a bit of TLC will have it smiling. Be handy for practising the sharpening on, anyway. Especially at 50p......
Then a 24 inch panel saw. Hadn't heard the name before, LH Turtle ring a bell??? Bit of a kink in the blade but might be redeemable. £2.
Next a 26 inch rip saw. Thos Flinn?? Beech handle, four rivets instead of bolts? £1. Spent a hour cleaning it up and re-sharpened it. Cuts like a demon now, quite proud of myself!
Finally, a bit of monster. A 28 inch Sorby with quite frightening looking teeth. A real scary looking thing with the handle stamped everywhere with the owners name. Frankly, if I sharpened that I would be a little shy about slapping my name all over it ;)
So not a bad haul-worth it just for the Flinn. I've put some more pics on my temp website

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Getting There......

Hi All
Finally completed the insulation/dry lining stuff. A couple of coats of paint and it's looking good (and bright!) Fitted a new uPVC door (the window is stil awaiting delivery) and I'm running out of stuff to do before making some sawdust.
It's my birthday today (no, don't ask!) so not a lot is going to be done today. Apart from drinking, eating, drinking, etc.... ;) The Wife got me a plaque made up for the entrance to the shop-nice!
Have a good weekend,

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

And More....

Horray!!! Broadband has been activated. That means I'm back in the 21st Century. Man, dial-up suckuth.........
The shop is looking good-tomorrow I hope to complete the dry lining of the final wall. That leaves me no option but to actually make something. Cool!
Oh, and a sound I've been missing. Clunk....whirrrrrrrrr......wheeeeeee.
Yup, the table saw is back up and running. The electrician originally wired it into a 16 amp circuit. But oh no, that's not enough for my 3HP saw on start-up. So 32 amps will be fine. And I love that sound........ ;)
Only real problem I've come up against is timber. I have more than I thought and, especially the off-cuts, there is nowhere neat to put them. Guess I better get making stuff ;)

Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Hi All
Apologies for the lazy blogging. But I have been a busy boy........
First up-the electrician has finished re-wiring the shop (and house!). I have my own consumer board in the workshop and plenty of sockets, lights and seperate circuits for the table and band saws.
The ceiling and walls have been painted (bar the one wall-this is getting insulated this week and also a double glazed window!) The floor has been painted too so a nice, clean place to work. With some natural light too, a real bonus.
Plenty of shelving has been erected so everything (but the timber) is up on the walls. I was amazed how much stuff I have. Oops....... ;)
Even sanded down the workbench last night and gave it a coat of oil. So a pretty spanky looking place to work it is. Another few days arranging and I'll be ready to get my teeth into my first project in the "New Philsville" workshop. Yeah!
Here's a pic of young Sophie playing with sawdust. She certainly likes the new house.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Getting Somewhere

Had a busy weekend doing stuff around the house (and the workshop!) It really is coming together at last, and with another week or two's work should be ready to get stuck into my "first" project.
With no real power supply all my work has been "meat powered" (bar my cordless drill). It has been a real joy to just get on with the task in hand. Granted, the work has been basic construction stuff not fine cabinetmaking but it has been pleasurable all the same.
Hope to get my timber moved into the workshop (now that I have made room for it) and soon should be starting on my "first" real project!

Friday, June 02, 2006

Warm, Cosy and Bright

Had a busy day yesterday in the shop. Insulated and dry lined the outside wall of the workshop. A little sanding to do today and then I'll be painting the wall. Looks like a REAL workshop, not just my garage!
The work would of been easier if the place was empty but where do you store all this stuff? Answer-cram it in the middle of the room........;) It was a lot of work, and I still have another wall to do, but it certainly was worth doing now. Then I can fit the new double glazed window and door-I hope the neighbours appreciate the efforts I'm making to keep the noise in?
Even found time to clean up my mystery saw last night. AND gave the teeth a light sharpen. Better get my Tom Law dvd out again ;)

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Making a Start

Hi Folks,
Have just about unpacked the workshop-plenty of shelves makes for a clutter-free environment. Still waiting for the electrician (what a surprise!!) so am a virtual Galoot at the moment.
Following Chris' recommendation I am insulating and drylining some of the walls today. A slack day at work so I'm making the most of it.
I "happened" to pop into Pennyfarthing Tools yesterday and picked up a couple of interesting items. A skew mouth woody (a panel raising plane??) the size of a large Jack. The sole is flat but i reckon it is a panel raiser. Beautiful iron on it, really thick. I'll post pics later.
Second item is a panel saw (yup, saws again!) Need help identifying this one-etch is unreadable but has an eagle on the medallion with "warrented superior" and a nib on the blade. Pics to follow (I am on dial-up at the moment whilst BT pick their noses) Handle is VERY comfortable. I'm sure you can date saws by how pleasant the handle feels.
Have a good week,