Saturday, July 08, 2006

Weekend-part 1

Hi Folks
Busy day, today. Spent the morning chopping back trees and shrubbery in the garden whilst the Missus watched, making sure I didn't get carried away ;)
Then off to a birthday party-little Sophie had a great time!
Back home and a little workshop time! Sketched out the shape for the seat and began shaping. I'm determined to shape it totally by hand (well, o.k., using HAND tools) as the various grinders, sanding discs and sanders I used on the Maloof chair made for a quicker job but not exactly "pleasurable".... Various gouges, the scorp and L-N's little concave sole plane have made good progress-quicker than I thought although a little sweatily ;)
Had a little package from L-N yesterday, too. Tite-mark mortise blades and some, uh-em, apparel. I won't elaborate but I am a well dressed little bunny. Sponsered by..........;)
I've been reading a great hand tool oriented book-it's "Old Ways of Working Wood" by Alex Bealer. Don't know if you lot are familiar with it but it certainly is an inspiring read.


Alf said...

Philly, surprised you haven't been lured by the "Log-themed" apparel I saw at Yandles - but perhaps you have!

Galootish opinion seems to be divided on Alex Bealer; I've not seen any of his books myself, but I would tend to trust the opinion of the likes of Don McConnell without hesitation - apply salt liberally. Relevant thread

Anonymous said...

Yep, Bealer's book is a good one. And besides, gotta love the low-tech drawings. More polished drawings would have been at odds with Bealer's style.

I especially like some of the jigs he has in there.

The stool is looking good--and I look forward to part two soon, Phil! At least if you have any energy left after all the hard work...

Take care, Mike

Philly said...

I prefer to finish a session covered in wood, not at the beginning. Log overalls-what next?? ;)
I've been enjoying the book but it certainly isn't the most "factual" book I own. A good read, though, and really inspiring. Got it off Amazon for £4.88!!
You're right-the drawings are perfect.And there's a lot of useful stuff there.
The stool is coming on well-need to drill the seat mortises next and start on the hoop. I thjink you'll like my next project, too ;)
Be good,