Monday, July 10, 2006

The Answer is Plane

So I was a little too obvious? Damn ;)
Yup, moulding planes. Why, you ask??
I've been trawling the car boot sales, house clearance shops and Tool shops in the (futile, it seems) search for hollows and rounds, even the odd side bead. They used to be ten a penny, I was told. "Yeah, I had a box full of 'em-threw them out, they never sold". Those kind of comments. Oh yes, the old tool shops have 'em. And what a price they charge.........
So, an idea. Why not make my own? And so you see pair number one. That big board of spalted beech in the workshop is enough for dozens of planes. But the irons?? Trawl the shops and car boot sales? Nah, gonna try my hand at metalwork. It has been a long time but how hard can it be?? And you can stop laughing at the back.............;)
Some sheets of tool steel (oil quench) are in the mail to me-should be here Wednesday. I'll make the wedges tonight and then I can get the hacksaw out. I'll post some more pics soon (unless I burn the worlshop down).


Anonymous said...

Yes, I felt nearly let down by such an obvious hint [g]...

They are looking simply great, Phil! I'm glad you are going the new steel approach. Have some extra as you may all but ruin your first, but that steel is so wonderful, about the only think that can go wrong is shaping it as you can reharden/temper several times if the first go doesn't work out.

And I love the composed photo--very international there. Japanese, German and American chisels--and, of course, British planes...

Take care, Mike

Philly said...

Ha! Sorry Mike, must work on my wit-I'm getting lazy ;)
Looking forward to the metalwork-and yes, I ordered plenty of spares. I'm sure I'll be asking your advice soon ;)
Composed photo?? No Sir, only the planes were "positioned". The chisels just happened to be there.....;)

Anonymous said...

They're looking good, steel ordered from where Phil ?
Take care,Mike R

Alf said...

"And you can stop laughing at the back"
Nah, don't think so... ;~)

Looking really good, Phil, but you shoulda said; I'm sure I've got a few spares (like all of them). Are you going to be doing side beads? Or should I pack some now for September? What's your source of instructions, btw? Not that I can add another Tuit to the list; just curious. No really, that's all, just curiosity...