Sunday, July 23, 2006

Weekend Over

Hi Folks
Didn't get as much done this weekend as I had planned-seems last week drained me more than I realised. Still, managed to complete another hollow. And the shop stool is sit-on-able (if not exactly comfortable yet) Oh, and I wasted an hour of so making a chair devil. Yes Alf, it is catching ;)
I've had hassle getting my website up to date. I usually do this from my office but I seem to be spending most ofmy time out on the road so the website was looking a bit sad. After hours of messing around I now have transferred it to my home PC so I can do updates from there. So now have added the moulding plane step-by-steps for your enjoyment.
Have a good week,


Anonymous said...

Gee, Phil...none of the pictures for the step by step show...

But now the bench is looking more at home!

Take care, Mike

Anonymous said...

Ah..the pics are alive...Thanks, Phil!

Alf said...

So exactly how many different L-N shirts d'you have now...? :~P But seriously, nice job and confirmation it's too much effort for me! BTW, I have a strong feeling I read somewhere it's advisable to avoid using glass to hold the oil for quenching - obviously you were okay, but I gather it can get hot enough to crack the glass.

Oh, can't get any pics on the new stool page :~(

Philly said...

Apologies-the web site change-over did NOT go smooth.......;)
Alf, I like to keep a variety of T-shirts available to show that the photo's were not all taken in one sitting. Well that's my story and I'm sticking to it......
As to the glass cracking? I had present a mate who is much more experienced than me in the ways of metal. He brought this up so I placed the jar in a baking tray in case anything nasty happened. You'll be pleased to hear it went o.k., although the oil does get a little hot. A metal jar would be much more preferable (IF you can find one).
Stool page should be o.k. now.
Me and computers, huh..

Alf said...

Web site updtaes - right up there with glue-ups for sheer enjoyment...

Stool looks good - different to what I was expecting. Actually I'm not sure what I was expecting!