Saturday, July 15, 2006

Steel Yourself....

O.k., that was a terrible pun. Sorry ;)
The tool steel arrived (along with plenty of hacksaw blades) and the first iron has been cut out, filed down and profiled. I've been working away the last few days so there has been minimal progress-but today is Saturday! Time to break out the Mapp gun......
Some bad news on the cheap beech planes from Rutlands-I bought the jointer and it was a little disappointing (even at the price). The mouth is WIIIIIDE open (like about 1/2 an inch) and the sole is terribly convex. It's going to take some flattening before i can use it. On the up side I liked the iron and chipbreaker, a nice fat piece of steel. I'll report back once I've spent some time fettling.
The sun is shining so get out there and enjoy yourselves!

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Alf said...

Oooo, bad news about the jointer. Any pics would be appreciated... :~)