Thursday, July 06, 2006

Happy Boy

Came home from work a little drained last night. The heat kinda takes it out of you. And the air con dries you up....... ;
Decided I'd spend a little time in the workshop anyway-just fiddle around a bit out. But I really enjoyed myself. By the time the Missus was giving me the "do-you-know-what-time-it-is!" looks I was feeling a lot more contented. I wouldn't say the workshop is 100 percent how I want it but it is such a pleasure to just go out there and do something. Anything!
So what did I get up to last night? Cleaned up a couple of woodies I picked up earlier this week (yeah, kept quiet about that one) First there was THIS.
It cleaned up really well-had to true up the sole, fence and skate but once that was done (and it wasn't exactly hard work) the thing cuts really nicely. The adjustable fence is a nice touch and it feels really good to use. This one will be seeing some use.......;)
Also picked up four moulding planes to add to the pile and a couple more saws. A Spear and Jackson handsaw with "unbreakable handle" logo and a nice brass backed tenon saw. Not sure exactly what is is but probably also a S+J.
Spent a bit more time on the shop stool-all four legs are turned up and the seat blank is marked out ready for shaping. Going to use the scorp instead of the angle grinder this time. Well, at the moment anyway ;)

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