Thursday, June 01, 2006

Making a Start

Hi Folks,
Have just about unpacked the workshop-plenty of shelves makes for a clutter-free environment. Still waiting for the electrician (what a surprise!!) so am a virtual Galoot at the moment.
Following Chris' recommendation I am insulating and drylining some of the walls today. A slack day at work so I'm making the most of it.
I "happened" to pop into Pennyfarthing Tools yesterday and picked up a couple of interesting items. A skew mouth woody (a panel raising plane??) the size of a large Jack. The sole is flat but i reckon it is a panel raiser. Beautiful iron on it, really thick. I'll post pics later.
Second item is a panel saw (yup, saws again!) Need help identifying this one-etch is unreadable but has an eagle on the medallion with "warrented superior" and a nib on the blade. Pics to follow (I am on dial-up at the moment whilst BT pick their noses) Handle is VERY comfortable. I'm sure you can date saws by how pleasant the handle feels.
Have a good week,

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Alf said...

Huh. Just happened to "pop in". I shall sulk...

The plane sounds like it might be a badger plane - stick that into Google's image search for a few examples (and some that really aren't). And I think you may have a teeny tiny saw problem developing there...