Wednesday, June 14, 2006

And More....

Horray!!! Broadband has been activated. That means I'm back in the 21st Century. Man, dial-up suckuth.........
The shop is looking good-tomorrow I hope to complete the dry lining of the final wall. That leaves me no option but to actually make something. Cool!
Oh, and a sound I've been missing. Clunk....whirrrrrrrrr......wheeeeeee.
Yup, the table saw is back up and running. The electrician originally wired it into a 16 amp circuit. But oh no, that's not enough for my 3HP saw on start-up. So 32 amps will be fine. And I love that sound........ ;)
Only real problem I've come up against is timber. I have more than I thought and, especially the off-cuts, there is nowhere neat to put them. Guess I better get making stuff ;)

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