Friday, June 02, 2006

Warm, Cosy and Bright

Had a busy day yesterday in the shop. Insulated and dry lined the outside wall of the workshop. A little sanding to do today and then I'll be painting the wall. Looks like a REAL workshop, not just my garage!
The work would of been easier if the place was empty but where do you store all this stuff? Answer-cram it in the middle of the room........;) It was a lot of work, and I still have another wall to do, but it certainly was worth doing now. Then I can fit the new double glazed window and door-I hope the neighbours appreciate the efforts I'm making to keep the noise in?
Even found time to clean up my mystery saw last night. AND gave the teeth a light sharpen. Better get my Tom Law dvd out again ;)


Alf said...

You're supposed ti line the inside of the wall... Oh wait, I get it... :~)

Philly said...

Hah-de-hah ;)