Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Hi All
Apologies for the lazy blogging. But I have been a busy boy........
First up-the electrician has finished re-wiring the shop (and house!). I have my own consumer board in the workshop and plenty of sockets, lights and seperate circuits for the table and band saws.
The ceiling and walls have been painted (bar the one wall-this is getting insulated this week and also a double glazed window!) The floor has been painted too so a nice, clean place to work. With some natural light too, a real bonus.
Plenty of shelving has been erected so everything (but the timber) is up on the walls. I was amazed how much stuff I have. Oops....... ;)
Even sanded down the workbench last night and gave it a coat of oil. So a pretty spanky looking place to work it is. Another few days arranging and I'll be ready to get my teeth into my first project in the "New Philsville" workshop. Yeah!
Here's a pic of young Sophie playing with sawdust. She certainly likes the new house.


Anonymous said...

Looks wonderful, Phil! Enough I'm jealous.

Oh, the model looks pretty happy as well!

Take care, Mike

Philly said...

Thanks, Mike. Sophie enjoys spreading sawdust everywhere then using the shop vac to pick it all up . Well, most of it..... ;)

Anonymous said...

Good progress, Phil! Still on dial-up ? ;)