Monday, May 29, 2006

We are In!

It has been a long weekend but we are now safely unpacked in our new home. As I sip a glass of wine and type this it all seems worth the time, effort and money involved. And Boy, am I tired ;)
The last cardboard box sits in the spare room, waiting to be dealt with. But apart from that we seem to have everything stowed away. And some of it we can even find.......
I spent some time arranging the workshop today (yes, the Missus took pity on me). Managed to get some shelving erected and packed a few boxes away. The hand tool and plane racks are up on the walls and most of the hand tools un-packed and ready to go. I need some electrical work doing before the machinery can be used but I won't let that stop me. The workshop has an electric door opener, which is quite hilarious to play with. Wonder what the neighbours think??
So back to work tomorrow but it will be good to come home to our new abode.


Anonymous said...

Glad you are nearly done! Congratulations, Phil.

Take care, Mike

Anonymous said...

Nice going mate! But as one brick-walled workshop owner to another - here's a suggestion.

Paint your walls white before hanging stuff on them - it makes a big difference to overall lighting and accuracy in making. I didn't do this and still to regret it.


Philly said...

Thanks Mike!
Chris, I'm just working out what I'm going to do with the walls. The one wall is single skin brick so it might be worth insulating and overboarding it now. So many things to do-and the Missus is just not interested in my plan to extend the workshop 8 foot into the back garden........;)

Alf said...

Sheesh, we moved 10 years ago and there are still boxes not unpacked... You must have steamed, Philly. Congrats, and defintely insulate or you're LN boxes'll get damp ;~)