Sunday, June 04, 2006

Getting Somewhere

Had a busy weekend doing stuff around the house (and the workshop!) It really is coming together at last, and with another week or two's work should be ready to get stuck into my "first" project.
With no real power supply all my work has been "meat powered" (bar my cordless drill). It has been a real joy to just get on with the task in hand. Granted, the work has been basic construction stuff not fine cabinetmaking but it has been pleasurable all the same.
Hope to get my timber moved into the workshop (now that I have made room for it) and soon should be starting on my "first" real project!


Anonymous said...

Wow! Nice progress, Phil.

Looks real nice. I would probably be lost in all that space.

So what's on the slate for a first powered-up project? Any hints?

Take care, Mike

Philly said...

I'm still trying to decide. Mind you, the Missus is hinting about a new dining table.