Saturday, June 17, 2006

Getting There......

Hi All
Finally completed the insulation/dry lining stuff. A couple of coats of paint and it's looking good (and bright!) Fitted a new uPVC door (the window is stil awaiting delivery) and I'm running out of stuff to do before making some sawdust.
It's my birthday today (no, don't ask!) so not a lot is going to be done today. Apart from drinking, eating, drinking, etc.... ;) The Wife got me a plaque made up for the entrance to the shop-nice!
Have a good weekend,


Anonymous said...

Hey.. Happy Birthday, Phil! Very nice plaque from your wife - the entrance looks serious with it ;)

Anonymous said...

Well, Happy Birthday, Phil!

The plaque is a winner! The shop is looking more organised day by day. Wow! look at all that room. What a pleasant looking place to work.

Take care, have a great B-day.


Philly said...

Aw, thanks Guys!
Having a great day (the daughters playhouse turned up this morning so spent the afternoon putting it together). The shop looks like a real one now!

Alf said...

Happy birthday to yooooooooo
Happy birthday to yooooooooo
I saw a consumate gloat committed
And I knew it was yooooooooo ;~)

Have a good one, Gloatmeister. So do we know the dimensions of this aircraft hanger masquerading as a workshop? Maybe I missed it. Looks better than my living room...

Anonymous said...

Now there's my boy, at laast another furntiure maker that paints the walls of their worksho white. I think it makes a world of difference and winder why more don't do it?

Nic un bach


Philly said...

Cheers Andy!
White is the "new" magnolia ;)
Take care