Monday, March 02, 2009

New Floor

Hi Folks
Had a busy weekend fitting the new oak floor in out kitchen. I used a new method to lay it using a material called "Elastilon". It is basically a foam underlay but with an adhesive on one side. As you lay the planks you pull the backer sheet off the adhesive and it sticks to the planks. This keeps the planks tight together but allows for expansion and contraction due to the flexible nature of the foam. Hopefully it will be a good long-term solution.
The oak looks fantastic (apologies for the washed out flash photography!) and has completely transformed the room. Just need to finish the tiling and a little paintwork and the Wife can moan at me about the next item on my list....... ;)

The Hollows and Rounds I'm working on are coming along quite nicely. I have two pairs almost ready for their irons and look forward to another day working with a blond timber - so nice not to have "black hands" at the end of the day :)




Anonymous said...

That oak looks great. Is that engineered flooring with oak veneer?


Philly said...

Thanks, Swanz! No, its 18mm thick solid Oak - almolst went for engineered but got the real thing for not much more.