Friday, February 27, 2009


HI Folks
Sadly, I think it is time for a close companion of mine to stand down. We spend a lot of time each day sharing the workload, and also glue, blood, oil and anything else thats gets on me. Yes, you've guessed it - its time for a new shop apron.........

This one has served me well for a couple of years but is embarressingly black and worn - every time I walk past the face vice of my bench it catches on a hole in the lower left side of the apron. Duct tape repairs gave it a few more months life but it really has to go now the front pocket has split. I spend as much time picking pencils up off the floor as I do putting them back in the pocket.

On the bench the beech moulding planes are coming along. I've cut the mortise and bed for all of these first five pairs (the customer has ordered a half set - nine pairs) so I'm making good progress.

This weekend I get to lay some solid oak flooring in our kitchen. I've been slowly renovating the kitchen - it was a genuine 1970's kitchen when we moved it and boy, did it suck. But its coming along nicely - pics soon!

Have a great weekend,



DaveL said...

So will you be burning the old apron and scattering the ashes, putting up a nice brass plate in remembrance?

Aled said...

If only that apron could talk eh?

I've been meaning to get myself a shop apron for a while but haven't got around to it yet, is there anything in particular I should look out for? What about the leather ones, are they any good? Or should I just go for a bog standard white cotton apron.



Philly said...

No, probably going tohave it stuffed and mounted ;)

I've got a leather one but it feels too bulky and unyielding. A boggo white cotton one is a good starting place.
Best regards

Woodbloke said...

I've got one of the posh Axminster ones with the leather apron ties...I reckon it's fantastic - Rob