Thursday, March 05, 2009

Aurious Rasps

Hi Folks
When woodworkers talk rasps one name goes straight to the top of the pile - Auriou. These tools are hand made, literally one tooth at a time, in France. Michel Auriou (whose family has made rasps for three generations) and his small team of craftsmen, make these wonderful tools using unique methods refined over 150 years of toolmaking.
There are a few different brands of rasps on the market, some "hand made", but it only takes a few strokes with an Auriou rasp to immediately see (and feel) the difference. They cut fast with good feedback, but leave a smooth surface which is easily refined. I have used them for years in my workshop and would not be without them. They may be a bit pricey, but the short discomfort when purchasing is soon forgotten with the years of pleasure they will give.
I have met Michel quite a few times over the last year (and we travelled together to the Woodworking In America conference last Novemeber) and have great respect for his skills. I was therefore very pleased to be asked if I would offer some of his rasps for sale on my website. So please take a moment to browse my new "Auriou Page" on the Philly Planes website.
Go on - you know you're worth it ;)


Aled said...

Philly, what a nice string to add to your bow.

Which rasp do you suggest for tote/saw handle shaping? Please bare in mind that I'm a tight fisted welshman, and that one rasp would really push my budget, two is totally out of the question (yet)



Philly said...

I usually use a coarse rasp for rough shaping then use my favourite rasp (the 13 grain modellers rasp) for final shaping and smoothing.
Hope that helps,

DaveL said...


Those prices make me glad I bought some a few years ago. They are very good tools but the wallet pain is something else.