Monday, February 02, 2009

Blackwood Fillister - Complete

Hi Folks
Last week was a busy week - finished the Blackwood Fillister, amongst others.
It was a lot of work, and chopping a 1/8th thick mortise by hand for the nicker iron was rather "exciting" in this hard timber, but it looks pretty awesome! I do hope the new owner is pleased with it.

Also visited a Friend who is a website building guru - a new "Philly Planes" website is under construction and will be unveiled soon!




Aled said...

Wow, awesome plane philly, it's got to be your best effort yet.

The blackwood and brass go together a treat, it really is a mighty fine wood to make tools from, despite being a complete bugger to work with.

Carry on with the good work.


Anonymous said...

Looks good Phil

I can see Blackwood and brass in my future...

Cheers, Ed

Chris Knight said...

That is awesome! Simply gorgeous.


Philly said...

Thanks Gents! Glad you like :)

Funnily enough, you might be right..... ;)


Anonymous said...

That looks beautiful, Phil - probably your best-looking plane yet. Bet it works well.

Cheers ;-)

Paul Chapman

Woodbloke said...

Tasty or what?...very nice! - Rob

DaveL said...

So I best get a cloth to wipe the dribble off the keyboard, what a beauty.
Nicely done Phil.

Anonymous said...

the dogs cahunas Phil