Friday, February 06, 2009

More Blackwood????

Hi Folks
As you probably know, I've been using a lot of Blackwood recently. Its an amazing timber - very dense, incredibly tough and, most of all, black! Here's some pics of a piece that I broke down into smaller slices today.
It came from a plank of African Blackwood that had been cut through the centre of the tree, giving me a decent 3 inch thick plank of quartersawn material. But this plank had a hollow running up through the pith - and it was filled with a termites nest! The plank was filled with deep red soil, complete with tunnels. Nice....... :) I cut the plank into pieces to get the majority of the dirt out, but as you can see from the pics, not all of it.
I'm using a special bandsaw blade called a M42. It has two sizes of teeth - a section of coarse teeth followed by a section of fine teeth. It cuts impressively well, leaving a very fine surface. The blade was originally designed for cutting metal so its no surprise it works so well on tough hardwoods! Its available from DragonSaws in South Wales.

To finish, I've just completed another Skew Miter. This one (yes, you guessed!) is on Blackwood. The customer is another victim of my trip to the USA last year :)

Have a great weekend,



Ethan said...

My, little termites, what sharp teeth you have!

I don't know, Phil... sounds like an expensive addiction you have there. You might want to stick to something cheaper, like caviar or cocaine or something...

Philly said...

Ha, ha! Ethan.....gave me a good giggle there. It's just that the Blackwood is sooo.....adictive ;)