Thursday, February 05, 2009

Dark Bench...

Hi Folks
This week sees lots more black shavings and dust covering the workshop. Yes, more Blackwood planes...... :)

First up is a Skew Miter. I made one of these in Blackwood to take to the WIA show last November. It made quite an impression and I've had quite a few orders since. You really have to feel the weight of this beast to believe it!

Next is a toted smoother. I'm just waiting for the brass to be delivered for the sole and I can move on to the stage, but the stock has had the mouth cut and throat excavated, so the hard part is done. This plane will be featuring my take on the Norris adjuster, too, so I'm pretty excited about this one. More pics soon.....

The snow here in England has been a pleasant surprise. We've only had a few inches but that has caused the Country to fall into complete chaos - hilarious! And last night we had two power cuts - don't you love replying to emails and finding yourself sat in the dark all the sudden? Its that moment that you wish you had put the torch in a more accessable place...... ;)

Better get back in that workshop while the sun shines.......



Kari Hultman said...

Philly, I can attest to the heft of your skew miter since I got to hold it at the WIA conference. It's a beautiful plane and works perfectly. England sounds a lot like where I grew up in Virginia. 2" of snow and the schools were closed!

Pedder said...

Hi Philly,

these planes look very, very tasty. The saw freak in me wants to know, if that is a Vlad Spehar dovetail saw. :o)


Philly said...

Thanks! Glad you liked the Miter.
As for the snow - you gotta laugh :)

Well spotted - it IS a Spehar saw. I'll post some more pics for you later.

Anonymous said...

Philly said:"As for the snow - you gotta laugh :)

Yeh right, you volunteering to shift this lot :) Second day running.

Nice little number out of that messy bench by the way.


Philly said...

Wow! Chas - looks like you're doing it right down your way! :)