Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Blackwood Fillister

Hi Folks

Working on a Moving Fillister for a customer at the moment. African Blackwood was the timber choice (after seeing my Blackwood Skew Miter at WIA). I love the look of Blackwood - stunning figure and that "almost Ebony" colour. But it is seriously tough to work with. I reminds me more of stone than wood, chipping away bit by bit. And the weight - well, it's almost as dense as stone. Quite a shock the first time you pick a piece up ;)

But the plane is progressing well - spent yesterday making the metalwork. There's a fair bit involved, too - two blades, brass depth stop, depth stop cover and knurled brass knob. And the fence bolts and washers. Just got some wedge fitting left to do and then I can start polishing the beasty up - I think its going to be something special :)


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Trevor Johansen-Aase said...

It looks like that plane has been chiseled out of a solid block! Most wodden planes I have seen are in three pieces and glued/pinned together for easier throat shaping.

What is your process of getting the iron resting hole square?