Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Hi Folks
Well - that's that. I've finished in the workshop and put the bench in the back of the van ready for the journey to Westonbirt tomorrow. I've just about finished all the planes I was hoping to make and I'm sat at the computer now printing out signs and labels. The rain is falling outside (obviously having a last go before the coming heatwave...........) but I'm not worried. I know its going to be a great weekend :)
I've made a couple of planes from some Indonesian Rosewood I've been hoarding. One is the pretty little smoother I showed off yesterday - the other is a monster Miter plane. She looks just awesome! If anyone is interested they'll be on my bench this coming weekend :)

Shock of the day was the Wife coming out to the workshop with the phone. "It's Konrad", she says. My jaw drops - not Konrad Sauer??
Oh, yes - a quick call before he heads to the airport to make his way over. It was great to have a quick chat (and also to find I'm not the only one feverishly packing bags!) and I'm really looking forward to spending a few days in his company. Did I mention Konrad and I will have our benches set up next to each other (along with Infill maker Bill Carter!) in the Classic Hand Tools marquee?
So make sure you head over to Westonbirt this weekend for the "Festival of the Tree" - you won't be disappointed!


Anonymous said...


You guys just will have to plan on being together in the Midwestern region of the U.S. at some point. That would be the fair thing to do! :-)

Have a great time, and enjoy yourselves!!!

Anonymous said...

They (both Phil and Konrad) will be in Bearea at the PopWood conference in November.

Not quite the mid-west per se. But it's close!

Hey Phil--lovely planes.

Take care, Mike

Philly said...

That sounds like fun - I'll see what we can do. As Mike mentioned, we'll both be at the Woodworking Conference in Berea, Kentucky in November - another highpoint for me :)

Mike - glad you like the planes. I'm slowly getting the hang of things ;)
Best regards

Ethan said...

I'm with Al - come to Missouri, Phil! As long as you can handle cats (which I know you can, ala Cupcake), you'd certainly have a place to stay!