Monday, August 11, 2008

More Workshop Intruders...

Hi Folks
Yes, the weekend saw two more visitors to the 'shop. First, Cupcake was brought in to let her explore the workshop and start getting used to being in there. She loved it! Shavings were a bit hit with her (and I just happen to have plenty to spare) and the new smells and nooks and crannies to explore were just wonderful. Needless to say, no power tools were used while she was around but she was unconcerned when I did a bit of cleaning with the shop-vac. A good start.

So when she heard the cat was in the workshop out comes my daughter, Sophie. She's six years old now, and doesn't spend as much time in the shop with me as she used to. Too busy, you see.......;)
But with the kitten roaming the 'shop Sophie was quite happy to get stuck in to a bit of sanding - as long as she could giggle at the kittens antics.

The Westonbirt "Festival of the Tree" event is only two weeks away (less, actually!) so I am rather busy preparing myself for that, as well as keeping on top of plane orders. We have a big batch of spokeshaves almost complete in a wide choice of timbers as well as some special little coffin smoothers in Rosewood. More pics soon.......



Croeso said...


For Festival of the tree are you staying locally or are you travelling up each day.
If I fly in I will need to saty overnight to make it nworthwhile and was wondering and it would be great to swap stories over a few beers if your doing the same

Let me know


Philly said...

Yes, I'm camping on site. You're more than welcome to share the tent! A
And the beers are on me :)

Ethan said...

Ah, Phil, Cupcake is definitely a great looking little cat! Hopefully she'll turn out to be a good shop cat, too.

Sophie looks like she is enjoying herself out in the shop. You should take a page out of David Marks' book when she's older. When they were in high school, his kids earned their weekly allowance by helping out dad in the shop, usually with sanding and cleaning up and such.

Croeso said...

Philly bad new my mother in law has been taken seripusly ill so I'll have to cancel my trip


Till next year I guess