Thursday, August 07, 2008


Hi Folks

Yesterday I had a friend of mine helping out in the workshop. And what a new experience that was!
As woodworkers we usually practise our hobby on our own, quietly (or not) working away in solitude. And to suddenly have to share that space with a second person is an unusual but pleasant shock. Thankfully, I had arranged for Steve to prepare some blanks for me while I worked on some planes. He also carried out some much needed adjustment of the drill press. Well, I didn't ask him to fiddle with the drill press but he just couldn't leave it alone ;)

Here are some tips for sharing your workshop. Make sure you have lots of spare pencils, engineers squares and cordless drills. And keep supplying hot drinks on a regular basis. This will keep your new "workshop buddy" happy and productive :)

Thanks again, Steve!



Anonymous said...

Looks like you are RATtling out a fair few shaves there Philly, how do you go about controlling the finished form? by eye or do you make some contour guide cuts in a jig.


Philly said...

Well spotted, Sir! The rebates are all laid out with a template (made from ally)then the body shape from another template. Then its all down to rasps, files and scrapers. My favourite part! :)