Wednesday, August 27, 2008

He's Back....

Hi Folks
Westonbirt is over - and what a great event it was too!
Another day or two and I should have recovered (mostly) after a hectic but very enjoyable five days. A highlight for me was the "communal living" aspect - most of the exhibitors camped on-site and our host, Mike Hancock, was kind enough to put on a chef to cater for us. Eating, working and drinking (oh, the drinking!) together made for a unique and very enjoyable experience. It's kind of bizarre to be sat under the stars chatting away with an international selection of woodworking superstars!
The standard of work at the show was very, very high and there was a huge variety of wood related disciplines on show. I'll post some more pictures as the week goes by (and I catch up on some sleep - you forget how good it is to sleep in a bed) And also recount the "International Football Match" that took place on the Saturday night ;)
So - the first picture. Many thanks must go to my "glamorous assistant" Mike Riley, who was kind enough to join me at the show. Couldn't have done it without you ;)


MikeR said...

Fantastic time had by all, but what a revolting picture! I'm almost tempted to reawaken my blog in order to exact revengy. You looked spiffing in your yellow tabard for footie. :)

Cheers Mike

Anonymous said...

It was a great event, Phil, and nice to meet up with old friends and to make some new ones.

Cheers ;-)

Paul Chapman

Philly said...

Could of been much worse - at least I didn't use photo's of you by the bonfire..... ;)

A pleasure indeed - good to see you again :)