Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Sticky Situation

It's glue up time......
Now this should be straight forward. I've dry fitted and assembled all joints. Pre-finished all components so I can easily remove any glue squeeze-out without staining the timbers. Glue, brush, clamps, water, cloths at the ready. Quickly apply the glue and assemble the parts. THEY NEVER GO TOGETHER AGAIN WITHOUT A FIGHT!!!!
Try and stay calm, loosen the clamps, tap with the rubber mallet (gently, don't want to dent anything), start sweating, tap a little more, feel panic rising, tap, remove clamps, disassemble, try again, etc, etc, etc.
Why is it so difficult? Or is it just me??
Maybe it's just psychological ;)
Anyway-completion is getting closer by the second.......


Anonymous said...


When there are several joints and they are close fitting is when I reach for the Balcotan or epoxy. I have no appetite any more for that last minute struggle of clamping up a joint that was a perfect fit before applying the glue. The other glues provide good lubrication and a long open time.

Philly said...

Might have to try that, Chris. When my frayed nerves have healed...... ;)