Saturday, December 10, 2005

Finally Got A Handle On It

Well, here it is. Finally finished (kinda) the cherry cabinet today. Tried out some handle designs and came up with this. Many thanks for all the help on this front (you know who you are-NOT!) Just joking ;)
Guess you wanna hear about my last second cock-up?? Yes?
I'm fitting the top with buttons, all pre-drilled and tested so they don't go through the top. Take a look at the back edge and think "be nice to take 10mm off here". Well, took it off on the tablesaur and then a quick swipe with a block plane. Tearout, both directions. So, as its too big to hold and plane with a bench plane I put it in the vice and prop a bit of timber under the other end. Mid stroke and BANG the support falls out and the top smacks into the floor on the one end! Also leaves a nice deep scratch from the vice face.
I'm currently re-finishing the top.......


Anonymous said...

Tis a pity--but she is very nice looking nonetheless.

Take care, Mike

Anonymous said...

Cor - the grain in that pic is just beautiful, Philly - both on the lacewood and the cherry.
Nice understated design for the 'handle' too :)

Philly said...

Cheers! Will post some more pics later.

Alf said...

Mein gott! A handle! You really pushed the boundaries with that one, matey ;~P And commiserations on the boo-boo. I'm sure I'm not the only one who winced in sympathy when I read it.