Saturday, December 10, 2005

Durable Knowledge

Hi Folks,
Was reading some Krenov in the bath last night (as you do) and read this little section. As it made me feel all warm inside I thought I'd share it with you.

"So the things we picked up stayed with some of us. They went far back, to Gimson, the Barnsleys, and other quiet craftsmen. And they are timeless. With this start, and during years of working alone, I learned more about the flexibility of such durable knowledge. And I became certain of this: Knowledge like this is no-ones property; it abhors ego. We learn, we share, someone else carries these things on, and on. Their meaning only seems to change and be warped by fashions and whims.
For a surprising number of craftsmen, even today, the inherent simplicity and integrity of our craft remains-to be rediscovered and enjoyed."

For me, this sums up our craft. The discovery of truths, the realisation that all problems have been encountered and solved hundreds of years before, it makes me proud (and not so alone in the workshop) to be part of it.
I hope you feel the same.


Anonymous said...

"Knowledge like this is no-ones property; it abhors ego."

Love his books. The portion of the quote above I borrowed is why I think the internet--and especially forums--is/are so wonderful.


Philly said...

You got it, Mike!