Thursday, December 01, 2005

Sight for Saw Eyes

This ones for you, Mike!
The Adria crosscut small tenon saw turned up today-and it is a beaut! It is just the right size-not too big, not too small. Comfortable and nicely weighted. That pretty Bubinga handle fits my hand spot on. I am amazed how well it cuts-and how cleanly. Knock out........
Guess I have no excuse for that "hand tool only" project, now ;)
I have arranged my back saws in a pretty pile for your delectation- Spehar rip tenon, Adria x-cut tenon, L-N rip dovetail and L-N x-cut dovetail.
Now that's almost gloatable...........;)


Anonymous said...

Almost gloatable...

Quite a nice pile 'o saws. But they look much too clean, Philly.

So yep, we're going to hold you to a handtool only project--one that actually uses the saws!

BTW, aren't you going to have make a spot for the new saw? Is there room on the back wall?

Take care, Mike

Philly said...

I keep 'em nice and clean (and oiled) after every use. Don't want them rusting like my hand planes.
I have run out of space on the wall-a tool chest/saw till awaits!

Anonymous said...

I think I also need a whole set like this. Thesse are necessary in my hobby of creating and fixing furniture for my family and friends. When I do get a set, I need to remember how to properly store them so as not to get all rusty.

Alf said...

It's no wonder I keep forgetting to read your Blog, Phil; it's self preservation! Nice gloat, you 'orrible specimen :~P It's reminded me though, it was the Adria DT saw I liked, not the LN. D'oh! Got carried away with show fever, didn't I?

Hmm, d'you think Vlad has put enough saw nuts on that saw...?!

Philly said...

Hah! Sorry Alf.....
And yeah, four saw nuts. Mind you, it is a big beast of a saw.