Thursday, January 15, 2009

New Toted Smoother

HI Folks

I've been busy working on a new toted smoother design. It's something I've had on the "To Do" list for quite some time and a customer has been chasing me to get it done. So here's the prototype.

Rosewood with a lignum vitae sole (the production model will have a brass sole, attached in the trademark Philly style). 50mm wide, 6mm thick O1 iron with brass screw cap. Pitch is 55 degrees. Oil and shellac finish. I'm also putting finihsing touches on my version of the Norris adjuster which will be available as an option.

The plane feels very natural to use. The Lignum sole is "interesting" - it is slippery and lubricates itself making for a very slick action. But I think the additional mass a brass sole will add will make for a better smoother.

I'll be starting on the first production model real soon - more pictures soon ;)




Anonymous said...

If it works as good as it looks, Phil, that should be a cracker.

Cheers ;-)

Paul Chapman

Pedder said...

She's a beauty! Wich glue did you take to attach the LV sole?


Anonymous said...

Beautiful plane! And on the subject of planes, have you finished writing that book yet?

Anonymous said...

Very nice work Phil.

Bit worried about the adjuster idea though.

Thought you were a wedge man only type of planemaker.

Just stirring the pot.

Looks fantastic.


Philly said...

Thanks Gents!

Pedder - I used epoxy.

Pete - almost. Hope to have news on that front soon :)

Stewie - Worry not, I feel the wedge makes for an excellent plane. But customers ask for these things, and I'm an inquisitive type ;)