Saturday, January 17, 2009

Shoulder Plane

Hi Folks
Here's one of my brass soled shoulder planes - this one from Ovangkol, a favourite timber of mine. It's once inch wide with a 55 degree bed.
I've made a few rebate and shoulder planes out of just wood (o.k, I used metal for the blade.......). But the brass sole adds significant weight and this really helps in the work this plane is designed to do. After setting this plane up I was able to take fantastic end grain shavings from maple with no hassle - no mean feat.

This week has also seen more left handed planes being built. I have to constantly remind myself to check (and then double check!) I'm making a cut in the right direction. I've also got exciting news on the new 2009 "Philly" name stamp. Pics soon..... ;)



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