Friday, November 23, 2007

Tool of the Month

One tool that has had a lot of use is my Lie-Nielsen one inch chisel. I've had a set of L-N chisels for a few years and like them a lot. But the largest was 3/4 inch wide - when they released a 1inch model an order was placed immediately!
When it turned up I was quite surprised by the difference in build compared to my existing set - it was huge! Massive, in fact. It seemed strange that there should be such a jump in weight but, I was impressed. Such a flawlessly made tool - I ordered the Cocobolo handle, too :)
Over the months I seem to reach for this chisel more and more. The weight gives it real authority when cutting and I tend to use it on jobs when a smaller chisel might be more useful. I just love it.

Other stuff - my review of the Veritas plough plane is a little delayed due to plane making deadlines. Hopefully I'll get it posted on the weekend.



Anonymous said...


I agree, that's a massive bevel-edge bench chisel. I had to double check after I opened the box; I thought they had sent me something else by mistake. The extra mass is great for paring.

Cheers, Tim

Anonymous said...

Hi Phil.

Your comments about the ink carbon paper method being similar to the engineers blue method was correct.

I have added comments to 02 Nov blogs to point this out.

Thankyou again for your assistance.

Regards William Muir.